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Are you interested in having an economical photo booth for your wedding? With the rapid progress of technology, constructing an inexpensive do-it-yourself (DIY) photo booth that produces outstanding results in any environment has become more accessible than ever.

This detailed guide will provide instructions on building a cost-effective DIY wedding photo booth, from selecting suitable materials and equipment to understanding natural light and animated gifs. Whether you’re planning to entertain your wedding guests or just snap happy and memorable photos of your wedding day, our step-by-step DIY photo booth ideas will have you capturing unforgettable moments in no time.

Continue reading to discover all the essential information you need to create your own DIY photo booth setup that meets your needs and exceeds expectations.

Photo Booth Camera

If you’re looking to build a cheap wedding photo booth, you’ll first need a camera. The cameras typically used in wedding photo booths are DSLR cameras that can function with photo booth apps.

The drawback with a DSLR as a photo booth camera is that you would need to invest in other pieces for it to be usable, such as a touch screen monitor, cables, and a computer or laptop to connect all the components and transform them into an actual photo booth.

You might be able to create high-quality photos with a DSLR camera, but the total cost wouldn’t make sense for building your own DIY photo booth. However, it may be worth the investment if you plan to use it for future events beyond your wedding reception.

The best and cheapest camera option for your own DIY photo booth is a tablet like an iPad Pro or Galaxy Tab. Their all-in-one features for taking photos and working seamlessly with photo booth apps provide a smooth and hassle-free DIY photo booth experience.

The touch-screen means you don’t need an external one at your wedding; it’s already a stand-alone selfie station. Additionally, they can work efficiently with third-party products, such as a portable printer for unlimited prints, a remote control, and an app to create a digital wedding album.

Like a camera, there are many different options for your DIY photo booth. A 9th gen iPad Pro will provide better-quality photos than a 6th gen iPad. Your choice will depend on how much you want to spend on your DIY photo booth. Choosing an outgoing model ensures a good balance between cost and quality.

Photo Booth Software

Regarding photo booth apps, the offerings have grown significantly over the last few years. You can spend a few hundred pounds on DIY photo booth software or even find some for free. It’s one of those predicaments where “you get what you pay for” applies.

The app you choose must be compatible with the DIY photo booth you’re building. If it’s an iPad tablet, here are some excellent iOS-based photo booth apps:

  • Snappic Booth
  • Simple Booth HALO
  • Touchpix
  • LumaBooth
  • Events

Most photo booth app developers provide a free option for one-off events. If you’re building a photo booth for more regular use or a photo booth hire business, you’ll need to pay for a usage licence. The minimum requirements should be for guests to be able to scan a QR code on the photo booth and receive a direct link to digital copies of all the photos taken at the wedding.

building your own diy photo booth

Photo Booth Stand

The stand is an essential element for anyone building their own DIY photo booth. Without the stand, you won’t have a photo booth station for anyone to pose inside or in front of. There are a few options for a DIY photo booth stand, but first, you should keep these aspects in mind when forming your photo booth ideas:

Use a sturdy frame:

The booth should add to the wedding decor rather than being a lob-sided eyesore.

Use a height-adjustable frame:

It should be height-adjustable so kids and adults can have fun taking pictures.

Use a broad base:

Avoid blurry and out-of-focus photos by using a broad base.

You can keep it simple by using an LED ring light tripod stand.

Photo Booth Lighting

Fairy lights and neon signs will give your DIY photo booth a stylish look and add to your wedding theme. It’s even better if it’s a custom neon sign for weddings. Tablets generally don’t produce enough light for guests taking photos; Ring lights should add enough light. You can also use camera flash attachments.

If you don’t have flash or strong enough lighting, a white DIY photo booth backdrop or plain wall can enhance the ambient light around the photos.

Example of a cheap DIY photo booth build

If you’re looking for an example of what a cheap DIY photo booth looks like. Here is an example:

Camera + touch screen: iPad 7th Gen – £145 (used)

Photo booth app: Snappic Booth – £15 (per event)

Stand + light: Godox LR150 18” LED ring light and tripod stand – £70

Total: £230

This is just a simple example of an affordable DIY photo booth you can build for around £230. In addition to the photo booth, there are cheap photo booth props packages on Amazon for £20. You can also make your own DIY photo booth props or seek help from a crafty friend to make some fun props for your wedding.

Photo Booth Accessories

DIY photo booths are only complete with a list of accessories that enhance the photo booth experience at a wedding. Some accessories you should consider are:

Props: You can add fun props like feather boas, bow ties, oversized sunglasses, and a festive frame or polaroid frame to match the event.

Onsite printer: One of the most popular features of photo booth hire is a portable printer to have all photos printed instantly. In addition to an online gallery, photos can be added to a wedding guest book or given as memorabilia for guests to take home.

Backdrop: The perfect backdrop can transform how wedding booth photos look. Great backdrop ideas include flow, leaf, or exposed brick wall.

DIY Photo Booth Alternatives

If you’d prefer not to commit to building your own DIY wedding photo booth, a great alternative for wedding photos is disposable cameras. Disposable cameras, such as a Polaroid camera, are something everyone has had fun using in the past. You can provide a few different options on each table.